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     Laptop repair and upgrades for
  • HP Pavilion
  • HP Pavillion (as some call it)

Repair, replacement and upgrade parts: 

  • HP Floppy Drive
  • HP Hard Disk
  • HP Memory
  • HP Motherboard
  • HP Keyboards
  • HP Backlight
  • HP Adapters
  • HP Fan
  • HP Hinges
  • HP CPU
  • HP Case
  • HP Software

Laptops covered:

Omnibook 500 series
500, 510, 

Ombibook 6000 series
6000, 6100

Omnibook vt series

Omnibook xe series
xe4100, xe4400, xe4500

Omnibook xe3 series
xe3-gc, xe3-gd, xe3-ge, xe3-gf, xe3l-gf

Omnibook xt series
xt1000-ib, xt1000s-ib, xt1500-ic, xt1500-id, xt6050, xt6200

Other Omnibooks
2000, 2100, 300, 3000, 3100, 4000, 4100, 4150, 4150b, 425, 430, 5000, 530, 5500, 5700, 600c, 600ct, 7100, 7150, 800, 900, 900b, sojourn, xe-da, xe2-db, xe2-dc, xe2-dd, xe2-de, xe2-di,

Pavilion n Series
n3110,  n3150,  n3190,  n3210,  n3215,  n3250,  n3270,  n3290, n3295,  n3310,  n3330,  n3350,  n3370,  n3390,  n3402,  n3410, n3438,  n3478,  n3490,  n5125,  n5130,  n5135,  n5140,  n5150, n5170,  n5190,  n5195,  n5210,  n5221,  n5240,  n5241,  n5250, n5261,  n5270,  n5271,  n5290,  n5295,  n5310,  n5311,  n5340, n5341,  n5350,  n5351,  n5371,  n5381,  n5390,  n5402l,  n5412, n5415,  n5420l,  n5421l,  n5422,  n5425,  n5430,  n5435,  n5440, n5441,  n5442,  n5444,  n5445,  n5450,  n5452,  n5454,  n5455, n5461,  n5462,  n5470,  n5472,  n5474,  n5475,  n5481,  n5482, n5484,  n5490,  n5491,  n5495,  n6190,  n6195,  n6395,  n6396, n6397,  n6398,  n6399,  n6400,  n6401,  n6402,  n6403,  n6404,

Pavilion x series
xf125, xf145, xf235, xf255, xf315, xf325, xf328, xf335, xh136, xh156, xh176, xh215, xh216, xh226, xh355, xh365, xh395, xh455, xh485, xh535, xh545, xh555, xh575, xh635, xh675, xt115, xt118, xt125, xt128, xt155, xt178, xt183, xt188, xt236, xt276, xt345, xt375, xt395, xt412, xt4316wm, xt4328cl, xt4345qv, xt512, xt5335qv, xt5366wm, xt5377qv, xt545, xt5477wm, xt555, xt565, xt575, xt585, xt595, xu155, xz133, xz148, xz163, xz168, xz185, xz275, xz295, xz335, xz355

Pavilion z series
4322ea series, zd7001ea, zd7001us, zd7005us, zd7010qv, zd7010us, zd7020us, zd7030us, zd7040ea, zd7998us, zd7999us, ze1110, ze1115, ze1145, ze1201, ze1202, ze1210, ze1230, ze1250, ze1260, ze4101, ze4102, ze4103s, ze4105s, ze4111s, ze4115, ze4120s, ze4123, ze4123s, ze4125, ze4130, ze4133, ze4140, ze4145, ze4200 (amd cto), ze4200 (Intel cto), ze4200 (CTO-AMD), ze4200 (CTO-Intel), ze4201, ze4202s, ze4204s, ze4206s, ze4207, ze4208s, ze4209, ze4210, ze4211, ze4214s, ze4218, ze4219, ze4220, ze4221, ze4222, ze4224, ze4228, ze4229, ze4230, ze4231, ze4232s, ze4234s, ze4236, ze4239, ze4240, ze4241, ze4251, ze4258, ze4261, ze4262, ze4268, ze4271, ze4274s, ze4278, ze4281, ze4282, ze4284, ze4288, ze4292, ze4294, ze4298, ze4300 (amd cto), ze4300 (Intel cto), ze4301, ze4305ea, ze4307la, ze4308ea, ze4310, ze4310ea, ze4311, ze4312, ze4313, ze4314, ze4315, ze4315ca, ze4315us, ze4316, ze4317, ze4317ea, ze4318, ze4318ea, ze4319, ze4320ea, ze4321, ze4323ea, ze4325ca, ze4325ea, ze4325us, ze4332ea, ze4333ea, ze4334ea, ze4335ea, ze4335us, ze4336ea, ze4345ea, ze4345us, ze4347ea, ze4348ea, ze4349ea, ze4351ea, ze4352ea, ze4353ea, ze4354ea, ze4355ea, ze4355us, ze4356ea, ze4357ea, ze4360ea, ze4365us, ze4367ea, ze4375ea, ze4384ea, ze4385ea, ze4386ea, ze4400 (ctoIntel), ze4401us, ze4402us, ze4403ea, ze4404ea, ze4405ea, ze4407ea, ze4408ea, ze4409ea, ze4410ap, ze4410ca, ze4410ea, ze4411ap, ze4412ap, ze4413ap, ze4414ap, ze4414ea, ze4415ap, ze4415ea, ze4416ap, ze4416ea, ze4417ea, ze4420ca, ze4420us, ze4424ea, ze4424us, ze4425ea, ze4427wm, ze4428ea, ze4430us, ze4453ea, ze4454ea, ze4455ea, ze5000, ze5155, ze5160, ze5165, ze5170, ze5185, ze5190, ze5200 (cto), ze5200 (cto), ze5207, ze5217, ze5228, ze5232, ze5236, ze5238, ze5240, ze5242, ze5244, ze5250, ze5252, ze5258, ze5262, ze5270, ze5279, ze5300 (cto), ze5307la, ze5315ea, ze5320ap, ze5320ea, ze5325ea, ze5339ea, ze5343ea, ze5344ea, ze5345ea, ze5345us, ze5354ea, ze5357la, ze5360ea, ze5362ea, ze5365us, ze5375us, ze5385ca, ze5385us, ze5395us, ze5400 (cto), ze5407La, ze5410ap, ze5413ea, ze5414ea, ze5415ea, ze5416ea, ze5417La, ze5418ea, ze5420ea, ze5425ea, ze5426ea, ze5427La, ze5430ea, ze5440ea, ze5443ea, ze5445ea, ze5446ea, ze5451us, ze5457La, ze5460ea, ze5460us, ze5462ea, ze5467La, ze5468cl, ze5470us, ze5475ca, ze5477La, ze5478cL, ze5490us, zt1000-ib, zt1000-ic, zt1000-id, zt1114, zt1120, zt1121s, zt1122s, zt1125, zt1130, zt1131s, zt1132s, zt1135, zt1141, zt1142, zt1145, zt1150, zt1151, zt1152, zt1155, zt1161, zt1162, zt1170, zt1171, zt1172, zt1175, zt1180, zt1182, zt1185, zt1190, zt1192, zt1195, zt1201s, zt1210, zt1211s, zt1213, zt1230, zt1231s, zt1233, zt1235, zt1243, zt1250, zt1260, zt1261, zt1270, zt1271, zt1290, zu1155, zu1175, ,

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We save you money.
Our experienced engineers diagnose faults faster and prefer to replace the faulty parts  rather than the whole board. We do our best to ensure that you get a more reliable repair at the lowest cost.

  • Low Cost Repairs

  • Password Removal

  • Data Recovery

  • Hard Disk Upgrades

  • Memory Upgrades

  • LCD/TFT Repairs

  • Keypad Replacement

  • Software Reloads


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