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     Laptop repair and upgrades for
  • HP Pavilion
  • HP Pavillion (as some call it)

Repair, replacement and upgrade parts: 

  • HP Floppy Drive
  • HP Hard Disk
  • HP Memory
  • HP Motherboard
  • HP Keyboards
  • HP Backlight
  • HP Adapters
  • HP Fan
  • HP Hinges
  • HP CPU
  • HP Case
  • HP Software

Laptops covered:

HP 6300 nc4010 6500 7230GB
HP 6900 nw8000 2200 nx9500 nx9008
HP 2700 2000 6200 7210GB
HP 6700 8500 7400 nx9005 nc8000
HP DM3-1030sa DM4-1040ea DV2-1030EA
HP DM1-1111ea DM3 DM1-1110sa DV2-1010EA
HP HDX9450ea
HP HDX18-1002TX 6305 HDX18-1027CL nc4200
HP HDX16-1060EG HDX18-1005TX HDX18-1003TX
HP HDX18-1010EA HDX16-1025NR nc6400 HDX18-1080EG
HP Mini_Note 550
HP Mini_Note 2100 540 520
HP Mini_Note 530 510 2500
HP nx7220
HP nx4300
HP nx6130 nx9105
HP nx9010 6100
HP nx4820 nw8240
HP nx9040 nx7300
HP nx6110 9400
HP nc6000 2500
HP nr3600 8400
HP 8200 nx6310
HP nx9020 nx7000
HP nr3610 nx4800
HP nx5000 nx9000
HP nc4000 nx7100
HP nx9030 2400
HP 8700 nx9110
HP Pavilion dv1000 dv1355ea dv1049ea
HP Pavilion dv1066ea dv4000 dv1145ea dv1665ea
HP Pavilion dv2205ea dv2630ea
HP Pavilion dv2175ea dv2140ea dv1680ea
HP Pavilion dv2530ea dv2045ea dv2275ea dv2166ea
HP Pavilion dv2810ea
HP Pavilion dv4-1000ea dv4-1100ea
HP Pavilion dv2820ea
HP Pavilion dv2899ea dv2799ea
HP Pavilion DV3-2050EA DV3-4050EA
HP Pavilion dv5-1110
HP Pavilion DV6-1132SA dv6185ea
HP Pavilion dv5-1211em DV6-2040SA
HP Pavilion DV6-1130SA
HP Pavilion DV6-2010SA DV6-1330SA
HP Pavilion DV6-3032SA DV6-3050SA DV6-2114SA
HP Pavilion DV6-2115SA DV6-2111SA
HP Pavilion dv6855ea dv6285EU DV6-3060SA
HP Pavilion DV6-3005SA DV6-2110EA DV6-3033SA
HP Pavilion dv6920ea dv7 HDX9000
HP Pavilion DV7-1130ea dv8000 DV7-2030SA
HP Pavilion DV7-2050ea DV7-2070ea
HP Pavilion DV7-1103ea DV7-1055ea DV7-1020ea
HP Pavilion DV8-1110EA DV7-4045ea
HP Pavilion DV8-1080EA DV7-3020SA
HP Pavilion DV7-4020sa dv8025ea DV7-3112SA
HP Pavilion dv8219ea
HP Pavilion dv9092ea dv8215ea
HP Pavilion dv9030ea dv8173ea
HP Pavilion dv8387ea dv8295ea
HP Pavilion dv8372ea
HP G6050EG G5002EA G5051TU G6062EM
HP G6090EA G5042EA G5010EM G5050EA
HP G6032EA G6062EA G5001TU G6097EG
HP EliteBook 2730p 8530p 8530w 2530p
HP Envy 17-1050ea
HP Pavilion dv9398ea
HP Pavilion dv9562xx dv9576xx dv9350ea dv9299ea dv9572xx
HP Pavilion dv9658ea
HP Pavilion dv9790ea dv9689ea
HP Pavilion dv9702ea dv9823ea
HP Pavilion dv9646em dv9740ea
HP Pavilion dv9850ea
HP Pavilion zd7060ea
HP Pavilion dv2000 xt
HP Pavilion xu xf
HP Pavilion zd7080ea zd8000
HP Pavilion xh
HP Pavilion dv9890ea dx6000
HP Pavilion zu1000 zd7170ea
HP Pavilion ze5000 zd7143ea
HP Pavilion zd8007ea
HP Pavilion zd7390ea zd8079ea
HP Pavilion zd8124ea zd8157ea
HP Pavilion zd8044ea
HP Pavilion zd7265ea zd7245ea
HP Pavilion zd7348ea zd8227ea
HP Pavilion ze4130
HP Pavilion zt1000 zd8290ea zx5000
HP Pavilion zd7000 zd8480ea ze5238
HP Pavilion ze2000 ze1000 zd8303ea
HP Pavilion zd8369ea zt3000 ze4000
HP Pavilion zv5000 xz
HP Special L2105CA
HP Special L2098XX Edition L2005CX
HP Special L2005A3 CTO
HP Special L2105NR L2105CL L2310CU
HP Special L2005CL L2099XX L2005A4
HP Special L2005US L2205NR L2005CM
HP Special L2005CU L2000 L2005CO
HP TX2-1340ea TM2-1010ea TX2-1020
HP G5055EA G6030EM G60-108CA
HP G5050ET G5071TU G5003EA G6065EA G6091EA
HP G5056EA G60-120EM G60-114EA G60-104XX G3051EA
HP G6010EG G5051EA G6030EG G50-110EA
HP G5060ET G70-111EM G60-103XX G50-100EA G60-115EM
HP G6000XX G60-102XX G5060EF G5060EP G60-100EM
HP G60-126CA G6031EA
HP G60-117EM G5040EA G60-118NR G60-120USG60-125NR
HP G5002TU G6030EA G60-127CL G70-100
HP G6060EGP G60-214EM G60-146CA G60-213EM
HP G5060EO G60-128CA G5052EA
HP G6031EM G7005EG G6033EA G70-110EM
HP G6040EG
HP G6096EG G6060EA G61-110SA
HP G6050EM G5060EV G61-415SA
HP G6065EM G7000 G6092EA
HP G5050EO G61-410SA G3050EA
HP G7002TU G5009EA
HP G7001TU G6092EG G6061EA
HP G7035ER
HP G7020EJ G7091EA G7091EM G7020EF
HP G7064ER G7065EB G7010EA G7065EG
HP G70-120EM G7010EM G7020EV G7010EW
HP G70-110EA G7040EA G7015EA G7040EG
HP G7040EM G7015EM G70-105EA G7031TU
HP G7010EG G7030EA G7060EO
HP G7031ER G7010EO G7050EV G7010EB
HP G60-120CA G7096EA G7023EZ G7018EP
HP G7050EI
HP G7032TU G7030ER G7060EP G7023EO
HP G7030EO G70-212EM G7061ER G7035EA G7030EI
HP G7061TU G7030EF G7030EP G7073EI G7015EO
HP G7063EO G70-213EM G7025EG G7032EO G7060EI
HP G7020EC G7093EM G7075EK G7040EP G7030EW
HP G7030EJ G7090EM G7070EI G7070EC G7077EZ
HP G7062ER G7094EM G7060EV G7091TU G7045EA
HP G7070EB G7070EJ G7065EM G7070EP
HP G7063ER G7095EM G7064EA G7061EO G7060ER
HP G7030EV G7030EC G7050EB G7080EV G7065EA
HP HDX18-1004TX
HP HDX16-1001TX HDX18-1006TX HDX16t-1000 HDX18-1025NR
HP HDX18t-1000 HDX18-1020US HDX18-1001TX G7093EA
HP HDX16-1010EA CTO HDX18-1005EA HDX16-1005EA
HP HDX18-1008TX G72-110SA HDX18-1023CL G7021EB

Laptop Repair Centre

Fast efficient service

We save you money.
Our experienced engineers diagnose faults faster and prefer to replace the faulty parts  rather than the whole board. We do our best to ensure that you get a more reliable repair at the lowest cost.

  • Low Cost Repairs

  • Password Removal

  • Data Recovery

  • Hard Disk Upgrades

  • Memory Upgrades

  • LCD/TFT Repairs

  • Keypad Replacement

  • Software Reloads


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