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Tiny Laptop Repair




A Tiny laptop with a fan problem

Remove top panel (one with the buttons).
Be gentle or the holding tabs will snap off.

Remove keyboard - be careful not to damage the cable under the keyboard.

* Technomart replacement fans perform the same function as the original fans *

More powerful: 1.0W motor

Now, we meet the infamous £69+VAT Heat Sink/Fan assembly.
WARNING: Some repair shops recommend a substitute fan and don't even realise that 
the original fans blew air out of the side - top and bottom in and out the vents.
There is little point in blowing air top to bottom when the vent is on the side.
 You will get very little, if any, CPU cooling.

Now, you need to remove the old heat sink to install the new one.


This is where the old fan used to live.

Remove the main CPU heat sink - a bit of thermal compound will help 
to keep the CPU even cooler. Apply when reinstalling CPU sink/fan.

Remove all the screws from the back and rear

Remove the top front panel - don't yank the cables. They are very delicate.

Disconnect the cable near the hinge and lift the LCD panel off

Remove the top keyboard surround.

Remove the CD/DVD

Remove the HEX bolts.

Remove the old heat sink

Install the new heat sink and test before you reassemble the unit.
If the fan fails to operate then you have a motherboard problem too.


Get a +5V from the USB. Make sure that you install a sleeve over the soldered joint.
 Reassemble the unit. Be sure to exactly follow the removal procedures in reverse.

Another PERFECT repair.

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