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We can get hold of most Dell spare parts for Vostro

0804T, 3T443, 181VR, XJ196, F0275, X2037, K1033, 3N172, 6T249, 2851R, J2551, 0K968, 7U128, C3819, K2596, 0F452, 7C039, W4774, TD070, GC252, N8715, H9859, C2499, XH655, Y0231, F5649, R2078, C6332, 9823E, N5825, 8T273, 9X200, FC365, C4171, 3R690, 8267R, 7499P, M5031, 5W557, X4680, 9J343, G9051, 2013T, 640XV, 075EV, 4U341, 90JRF, 9Y200, 1Y284, H5514, 45647, 4P124, 6U937, 1J387, 351KD, M9587, 4270E, F7436, 0300U, XD932, C1731, N0441, 5G028, 4270E, F5378, 742RH, 20UJG, 1N003, 8E120, W4774, 6G649, J4781, Y4676, X2037, X5429, XD932, RD857, GH795, 8W167, 6G356, K8735, U4671, 4W424, 4K122, 6G293, 6350E and 8X232.

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Ad4u Limited are the leading independent UK laptop repair centre for out-of-warranty Dell Studio, Inspiron and Latitude computers. We have access to most Dell laptop spare parts therefore our laptop repairs are fast, efficient and reliable. Most repairs are completed within three days. Our engineers have over twenty years experience in computer maintenance and have received expert training from manufacturers like IBM. We have also maintained desktops and laptops for some of the largest corporate companies in the UK.

Repairs we perform:

  • Vostro Motherboard
    The laptop won't switch on or will crash intermittently. Some video problems also require a motherboard repair as most video chips are soldered onto the system board. Only a few laptops have a separate video card. Our engineers can perform component level repairs on most Dell motherboards. We can replace resistors, transistors and also perform work on major chips within your system. A lot of system board failures are caused by the motherboard bending when the laptop is moved. Have a look at our motherboard repair page. Our engineers have many years of experience and know how to fix most systemboard faults.

  • Vostro Power Socket
    The laptop fails to switch on and will not charge the battery. We repair or replace power sockets where the power pin has broken or has become disconnected from the motherboard. In most cases the motherboard needs to be removed from the system to complete the work. Sometimes the power connector makes a poor connection with the Vostro jack. This causes arcing which can generate enough heat to melt the Vostro dc jack and the power pin may become lose.

  • Vostro Backlight & inverters
    The laptop switches on but the screen remains dark. In some cases a faint image is visible on the screen. This problem can be caused by a faulty fluorescent light, inverter, video cable or a problem on the motherboard. Special equipment is required to determine the exact cause of the fault. Backlights use very high voltages and it is easy to cause more damage to the system if they are not correctly handled and installed. Our engineers can replace the backlight lamps in most TFT/LCD screens. We also have access to most backlight inverters and cables. We can also perform repairs on some very rare inverters. It is very easy to destroy an expensive LCD/TFT when removing/installing the CCFL. Our engineers are trained using broken LCD panels before they can work on a customer's LCD/TFT unit.

  • Vostro Keyboard
    Most keyboards are damaged by liquid spills and general wear. We can supply or install keyboards for most Dell laptops. We also repair keyboard connectors on the  system board.
    Dell UK Keyboard List: 0R962, 1352D, 1655P, 1C401, 1M723, 1M737, 1Y058, 20FEU, 2243C, 3240V, 3609Y, 4C041, 4J360, 56530, 5X486, 5X931, 6G514, 7U030, C4817, D8900, D8914, H5627, JC939, UD414,

  • Vostro Fan and Heatsink
    We can install replacement fans and heat sink parts for most laptops. In cases where the original fan is not available, we can install substitute fans which will be equivalent or surpass the performance of the original fan.

  • Vostro LCD Screen
    We can supply original and compatible replacements for most laptop screens. In some cases only refurbished screens are available. We don't charge extra for installing and testing screens. 

  • Vostro Hinges
    Some laptops have a problem with the hinge becoming stiff. It becomes difficult to open and close the laptop lid. The plastics may also be damaged by a defective hinge.

  • Plastics and case parts Vostro
    We can replace plastic case parts and trimmings on certain Dell models. Case plastics and trimmings can be very expensive due to the cost of stock control, picking, packaging and shipping. A small hinge cover, costing 5p to manufacture, can cost more than £40+VAT to the end user. Please try to understand the amount of effort and the processes that go into delivering these small parts to you. For most cosmetic scratches and minor damage, we would advise customers avoid repairs.

  • Vostro CD/DVD and floppy drives
    Our engineers can repair or replace these drives. We have a lot of drives in stock and the work can be carried out very quickly. 

  • Vostro Speakers  HeadBanger
    In most cases these are damaged by liquid spills, dust or loud music - playing heavy metal music from bands like Motorhead will kill most laptop speakers, but can be great fun while they last.

  • Vostro Hard Drive
    Faulty hard drives can cause data loss and stop your laptop from booting into Windows. We can replace faulty hard drive and attempt to recover your data. After installing the new drive, our engineers perform a thorough disk test to ensure that your data is as secure as possible.

  • Vostro Power Adapters
    Some Dell systems use the center pin on the dc jack to identify the adapter being used. The systems will only work correctly with right adapter. We try to stock a wide range of power supplies to ensure that most systems are covered. 

  • Vostro Software and Drivers Repair
    Viruses and improper shutdowns can lead to the Windows XP operating system or the file system becoming corrupted. We can recover your data and install a fresh operating system or drivers to prevent crashes. We can also recover your data from totally dead or unusable computers.

Some of the Dell Vostro Parts we can obtain:

Support Brace for APR-to-Motherboard Connector (Included in Motherboard Kit), 60GB HDD 5.4K D610, Palmrest Assembly for Inspiron 1000, 24X CDRW/DVD Combo Side-Bay/Internal, LCD Connector Holder (Secures the cable junction between Part 1 and the MB cable), 1.5GHz Processor 80535 340 512MB 400FSB Celeron-M, LCD Latch Service Kit (Includes LCD Hook Catch Latch and Spring), I/O Plastic cover, S-Video to RCA(Yellow) TV Output Cable Kit ( Cable and Techsheet), Heatsink B120/B130/1300/120L, 1GB 400MHz 125X64 8K 200, LCD Screws bottom two bezel screws shoulder screws, Bottom Plastics Service Kit Discrete 9400 (Incl. HDD guide bluetooth cable battery latch w/spring rubber feet (3 types), Label Microsoft Windows XP Logo Small, Foam Pad (Included in Motherboard Kit), Cardbus Ethernet II LAN PCMCIA Card Kit for Windows 98/NT/XP Kit (Includes Card Cable Documentation and CD), Bluetooh Carrier and Tuner Assembly, TrueMobile 1180 802.11b MiniPCI Card Only (BLACKDOG), 15.0 LCD back cover assembly (back cover antenna cable hinges) - Front bezel NOT included, LCD Rubber Bumper round/small (System Qty 6 - 4 top 2btm), Processor Service Kit Celeron 1.7GHZ C-Stepping, 8X DVD BPK, 15.0 LCD Bezel, 1.4GHz 1MB Pentium-M Processor Banias, Catch Latch for LCD Hook, Subwoofer Assembly, 32MB Video/Graphics Card, Broadcom V.92 MDC, 8X DVD+RW IDE Lead-Free, 60 GB HDD 9.5mm 4200rpm (4U286), Motherboard Assy I8600CR, US/English Keyboard Service Kit 630M/XPS M140 (Contains KYBD scribe tool techsheet and screwdriver), D/Dock, 56k modem dongle, 24X Combo For Inspiron 1000 1200 9100 9200 Fixed Bay Black Bezel, Floppy Drive 1.44M SFX USB , LCD top cover - 12.1 XGA (includes latches and badge), 1GB 333MHz DDR DIMM, 56k Winmodem (Xjack), TrueMobile 1150 PCMCIA Card Only , 80GB HD 5.4 SATA D820, USB Cable for External D-MOD Floppy Drive, Blank Plastic PCMCIA Slot Filler Insert, 20 GB HDD 4.2K (0E426), Battery Primary 35WH 4 Cell Li-Ion Sony B120/B130/1300/120L (Second source), MODEM 56K INT MDC 1.5, 40 GB HDD 5.4K, 15.1 UXGA LCD Service Kit , Mouse USB 4BTN Wheel Optical, 64MB NVidia Graphic Card N4, 60 GB HDD 9.5mm 7.2K, PC Express Card cage assy, Latitude C800 Bottom Plastics Service Kit ( Bottom Plastics (Both Module Latches RJ45/RJ11 Jacks and all Feet Included) and System Regulatory Label) , 30 GB HDD 9.5mm 4200rpm (3E155), Mini PCI Door Bottom (Aluminum), 56K Xjack Winmodem telephone cable (not a dongle), Windows XP Home COA Label (Dispatch Only With Portables Bottom Plastics), 6 GB HDD 9.5mm , D/View Notebook Stand (does not include APR) Worldwide, USB Cable for External D-MOD Floppy Drive, 15"UXGA LCD Service Kit, LCD cable - XGA - All vendors, Screw M2.5X5 (1pc): LCD Hinge (Total Qty 4) LCD Bezel (Total Qty 6) Palmrest to Keyboard (Total Qty 2) Palmrest to Bttm (1), BCC ONLY - 512MB DIMM 533 64X64 8K 200 , LCD top cover - 14.1 XGA (includes LCD hook suspend magnent hinges), 1.20GHz Pentium III Processor Service Kit A Step (Includes CPU and BIOS CD), Battery 66WHr 14.8V 8Cell Lithium (Second), 24X CDRW/DVD Combo, Floppy drive - internal/external, 512MB 533 64X64 8K 200, 60 GB HDD 5.4K, TrueMobile 1300 802.11b/g PCMCIA Card Kit TM 1300 PCMCIA Card), Screw- 1.7X.5X3.5 - Attach bezel(3) - CDRW, Floppy drive, ScrewX3: MDC(1), LCD/Palmrest Insert Kit - Yellow, Dell Wireless 1470 802.11 a/b/g MiniPCI Card Lead Free, 128MB 266MHz DDR DIMM, 512MB 266MHz DDR DIMM, 1.3 GHz 1MB 350 Celeron-M Dothan PGA B1, AC Adapter 65Watt PA12 (Does not include power cord), 16X CDRW/DVD Combo C-Module , 2.0GHz Pentium 4 Processor Service Kit D Step (Contains CPU P/N W0882), SERVICE KIT HD 30G 4.2K D410, 8X CDRW Side-Bay/Internal, Enet 10/100 card.6 and Enet 10/100 card.6.5 ( drivers and cables).



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