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Wealdstone, Harrow service centre

Mon-Fri 9.00-5.00,
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You can bring your laptops to us in person or ship them to us.

Bruce Road offers ideal car parking for customers delivering or collecting their laptops.

Street parking is restricted for two hours
Mon-Fri. Please avoid these times.

No Display - Connect to external monitor to make sure video chip is ok, Then check North Bridge, South Bridge and Clock Generator. From Hardware: Power off the computer. Remove the battery pack and measure the voltage between battery terminals 1(+) and 6(ground). If the voltage is still less than 7.5 Vdc after recharging, replace the battery. To check the battery charge operation, use a discharged battery pack or a battery pack that has less than 50% of the total power remaining when installed in the computer.

Laptop Repair Birmingham

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Customer comments:
You were highly recommended by a friend and lived up to your reputation - Thank you... The Pin on my power socket broke - Repair IT replaced the socket same day.... Manufacturer wanted to send my laptop to Europe and charge me £200+, Repair IT fixed my backlight for 39+VAT - Thank you very much... The hinge and screen plastics on my Advent broke - Repair IT fixed all the problems for £139.... I rang over 30 companies to get a keyboard for my Advent 7060 - Repair IT delivered it for next day - Thanks... Excellent service - Samsung wanted to charge £500 - your charge of 139+VAT is much more reasonable...
We repair laptops and supply parts for customers all over the UK including Birmingham.

Repair IT Networks engineers have been repairing and upgrading portable computers since the first Compaq "luggable" systems. Our engineers have received extensive training from manufacturers like IBM in laptop maintenance. We receive the latest bulletins regarding the developments in technology used in laptops to ensure that our engineers can efficiently deal with even the most modern systems. We believe that our engineers are amongst the finest and well trained in the UK. They have repaired many Time, Tiny, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Dell, Advent, Samsung and Fujitsu laptops.

Laptops we repair
Our engineers are experienced in resolving hardware and software problems with laptops manufactured by

Birmingham Dell Repair
Birmingham Sony Repair 
Birmingham Apple Repair 
Birmingham Toshiba Repair 
Birmingham Toshiba Repair
Birmingham Compaq Repair
Birmingham HP Repair
Birmingham Acer Repair
Birmingham Advent Repair
Birmingham Fujitsu Siemens Repair
Birmingham Packard Bell Repair
Birmingham Gateway Repair
Birmingham Samsung Repair
Birmingham eMachines and Patriot Repair
Birmingham Tiny Repair
Birmingham Time Repair
Birmingham Laptop and Notebooks Repair

Screen repair

Birmingham Laptop Repair Backlight, LCD, TFT, Inverter, Keyboards

Birmingham Repairs Keyboards for Sony, IBM, Dell, Advent, Acer, Toshiba...

Keyboard repair

Broken Power sockets

Birmingham Laptop repairs, Motherboard Repairs, Power Socket Repairs, Cable Repairs, Power Adapters

Birmingham We supply Hard drives, cd rom, dvd rom.. for sony, ibm, compaq, hp.. acer advent

USB Ports

Hard disks

Birmingham Spare parts - fans, inverters, dvd drive, motherboards, lcd for sony ibm compaq hp acer advent toshiba

Fast efficient service

We save you money.

Our experienced engineers diagnose faults faster and prefer to replace the faulty parts  rather than the whole board. We do our best to ensure that you get a more reliable repair at the lowest cost.

  • Low Cost Repairs

  • Video Chip Repairs

  • Data Recovery

  • Hard Disk Upgrades

  • Memory Upgrades

  • LCD/TFT Repairs

  • Keyboard Replacement

  • Software Reloads

  • Password Removal


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We service laptops and supply parts to most areas of the UK including: 

Home, Aberdeen, Ashfield, Ashford, Aylesbury, Balham, Barking, Barnes, Barnet, Barnsley, Basildon, Basingstoke Deane, Battersea, Beaconsfield, Beckenham, Bedford, Belfast, Belgravia, Bermondsey, Blackburn, Blackheath, Bolton, Borehamwood, Bournemouth, Bradford, Braintree, Brent, Bridgend, Brixton, Brompton, Burnham, Bury, Bushey, Calderdale, Camberwell, Canterbury, Caterham, Chalfont, Charnwood, Chelmsford, Chesham, Chessington, Chester, Chiswick, Chorleywood, Clapham, Cobham, Colchester, Cowley, Crewe Nantwich, Cricklewood, Cuffley, Denham, Deptford, Dover, Dudley, Dundee, Dunstable, Ealing, East Hertfordshire, Eastleigh, Edgware, Egham, Enfield, Epping Forest, Epsom, Esher, Exeter, Falkirk, Finchley, Gateshead, Gloucester, Greenford, Greenwich, Guildford, Hampstead, Hampton, Harlesden, Harlow, Harpenden, Harrogate, Hatfield, Hatton, Havant Waterloo, Hayes, Hemel Hempstead, Hendon, Highgate, High Wycombe, Hillingdon, Hook, Hornsey, Horsham, Huntingdon, Ipswich, Isle of Wight, Islington, Kensington, Kenton, Kilburn, Kingsbury, Kings Lynn West Norfolk, Knebworth, Lambeth, Lancaster, Latimer, Local, Loughton, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Malden, Marlow, Marylebone, Mayfair, Merton, Middlesbrough, Mill Hill, Mitcham, Morden, Newbury, Newport, North Somerset, North Wiltshire, Nuneaton Bedworth, Oldham, Paddington, Peckham, Peterborough, Pimlico, Pinner, Poole, Potters Bar, Preston, Purley, Putney, Radlett, Redbourne, Redcar Cleveland, Rickmansworth, Ripley, Rochdale, Rochester-upon-Medway, Roehampton, Rotherham, Salford, Salisbury, Sandwell, Scarborough, Sefton, Shirley, Slough, Soho, Solihull, Southall, Southend-on-Sea, Southgate, South Somerset, Southwark, Stafford, St Albans, Stanmore, Stevenage, St Helens, Stockport, Stockton-on-Tees, Stoke-on-Trent, Stratford London, Stroud, Sunderland, Surbiton, Sutton, Swansea, Sydenham, Tameside, Thamesmead, Thurrock, Toddington, Tooting, Torbay, Trafford, Tring, Uxbridge, Wakefield, Wallington, Walsall, Walton-on-Thames, Wandsworth, Warwick, Waterloo, Wealden, Wealdstone, Welwyn Garden, Wembley, West End, Westminster, Whipsnade, Wigan, Willesden, Wimbledon, Windsor Maidenhead, Wirral, Woking, Wokingham, Wolverhampton, Woodside, Wycombe & York

Dell Inspiron 1100, Dell Inspiron 1150, Dell Inspiron 1200, Dell Inspiron 2200, Dell Inspiron 300M, Dell Inspiron 4000, Dell Inspiron 4100, Dell Inspiron 4150, Dell Inspiron 500M, Dell Inspiron 510M, Dell Inspiron 5100, Dell Inspiron 5150, Dell Inspiron 5160, Dell Inspiron 6000, Dell Inspiron 600M, Dell Inspiron 630M, Dell Inspiron 6400 E1505, Dell Inspiron 700M, Dell Inspiron 710M, Dell Inspiron 8500, Dell Inspiron 8600, Dell Inspiron 9100, Dell Inspiron 9200, Dell Inspiron 9300, Dell Inspiron 9300S, Dell Inspiron 9400 E1705, Dell Inspiron B130 1300, Dell Inspiron XPS M140, Dell Inspiron XPS M170, Dell Inspiron XPS M1710, Dell Inspiron XPS 

Dell Latitude, Dell Latitude 100L, Dell Latitude 110L, Dell Latitude 120L, Dell Latitude C600, Dell Latitude C610, Dell Latitude C640 and C540, Dell Latitude D400, Dell Latitude D410, Dell Latitude D505, Dell Latitude D510, Dell Latitude D600, Dell Latitude D610, Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D800, Dell Latitude X1, Dell Latitude X200, Dell Latitude X300, Dell London Laptop Repair, Dell UK Laptop Repair

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When the LCD Screen  on the laptop appears dim or dark the problem may be due to a backlight or inverter failure. In a few cases problems on the motherboard may also result is a backlight failure. The motherboard controls the brightness level displayed by the LCD panel.